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Manner’s Party

Here is another post for a Girls Scouts Activity, but could be used anyone.  We had a Manner’s Dinner Party and taught the girls how to set the table, proper etiquette and other good manners.  It was really fun to see the girls trying their hardest to be polite, and I have seen a big difference in my own daughter’s manners since the Manner’s Party.

Part of the activity included a quiz that we gave to the girls.  I thought I would share the quiz, since I put a lot of time gathering the information from different websites.  I hope someone else can benefit from my time and effort.


Target Madness Scavenger Hunt

As a Girl Scouts leader, I am always looking for new and clever ideas for fun meetings.  My girls are now Cadettes and every year for Christmas we have gone to Denny’s (or something similar) and bought them hot chocolate and french fries and done a gift exchange.  This year we decided to try something new.

I know that I always appreciate finding ideas on the web and thought I’d share.  I have compiled a few different hunts that I have found to fit my girls and the area we are located.  Hope someone else can benefit from my work:)

Target Madness Scavenger Hunt


1. Each team will need to complete as many items on the list in the allotted time.  You will start at 4:00 PM and you must meet us back at 4:20 PM at the Starbucks in the front of the store.

2. The teams that are late will receive a time penalty.

3. All team members need to stay with their team at all times.  You may not divide the hunt tasks.

4. Some of the tasks deal with strangers, it’s very important to be kind and respectful.  Also always be on guard and stay safe, use your healthy judgment when it comes to people you don’t know.

5. You must take a photo of each item on the list where specified.  Take turns with your partners being in the photos.

6. Hang items up or place them back where they were before you leave the store.

7. The team that found the most items and the shortest time wins, must be verified

with a digital photo.

8. Please don’t try to take all of your photos in one section of the store, go to a variety of departments.

9. Do not run in the store. You can walk briskly.

10. You cannot leave the store. Check the items off as you find them.

After the hunt you will get time to go spend your Target gift card.

The Hunt Begins

 Search & Find

Find the following items and photograph a team member with each item.  2 points each

  • A price tag whose digits add up to 25
  • A print out from a wedding registry
  • A stranger’s autograph along with words of advice
  • A “Happy 100th birthday” card
  • A salesperson wearing red shoes
  • An animal wearing animal print
  • A coupon (bonus, 2 points for the team with the highest valued coupon)
  • An old sales receipt

Trivia Questions

Find the answer to each of the following trivia questions based on information and items available at this Target location.  3 points each

  • How many stalls are in the ladies restroom?
  • How much does it cost to buy a pizza combo meal?
  • Who is on the cover to this week’s People magazine?
  • How many dressing room stalls are there?
  • What are the store hours on Saturdays?
  • How many checkout stands are there?
  • What year was this Target location built?


Glamor Shots

Photograph the following scenarios.  Photographer does NOT have to be in the photos requiring the whole team.  4 points each

  • A team member shaking hands with a bearded man
  • A team member posing with mannequin or store display modeling clothing, both dressed the same
  • Your team wearing something patriotic
  • Your team wearing UGSESASLNS (unscramble the word)
  • A team member that looks ready for bed
  • A team member wearing a t-shirt with a funny message
  • A team member and 3 strangers spelling out “YMCA” with their bodies.
  • Your team posing GYINLAP DIOVE MEAGS (unscramble the words)